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UMP Hospitality
Economical Warewash Control System

The UMP Hospitality is designed for the cost sensitive warewash account where value is needed, and reliability and performance is required. The warewash dispenser is designed with new long lasting planetary gear pumps and a new service friendly design. The modular pump module has a toolless snap off roller block for quick tube replacement. The UMP Hospitality offers liquid or dry detergent, probe or probeless, door or conveyor to cater to most warewash applications. The UMP Hospitality will simply deliver more, for less.

  • Easy to program digital menu
  • Password protected
  • Rack count functionality
  • Probeless or Probe mode
  • Numeric variable speed, rinse limit, rinse delay, and alarm delay
  • Precise and accurate digital settings
  • Multi-voltage 115/208/230 VAC
  • Long lasting, rotary pump module
  • EPDM Plus peristaltic tube
  • Toolless snap off roller block
  • Probe or Probeless mode
  • Door or Conveyor Dishwashers
  • Liquid or Dry Detergent
  • Detergent and rinse pumps
  • Durable plastic case

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Features and Benefits

The UMP Hospitality offers precise and accurate digital programming at the main control housing.

The pump wire channel allows for quick pump changes and easy routing of the pump wires to the control board in the main housing.

The roller block snaps off from the pump module to allow for quick, toolless tube replacement.

Enhanced, long lasting Super EPDM tube is snapped into the roller block housing.

Programming Features
Programming Features


UMP Hospitality
UMP Hospitality-200L 6543001 UMP Hospitality with liquid detergent and liquid rinse system
UMP Hospitality-200D 6543002 UMP Hospitality with dry detergent and liquid rinse system