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Chem-Trak Jr. EDP

4-Washer, 8-Product Laundry Chemical Allocation System
Over 450 lb. (220 kg.)

The Chem-Trak Jr. with Electric Diaphragm Pumps (EDP) is an advanced chemical dispensing system designed to service up to four washers with capacities of over 800 lbs.(362 kgs.). This field proven electric pump is designed to inject laundry chemistries at higher flow rates than traditional peristaltic pumps without the need for scheduled squeeze tube replacements. These highly reliable pumps are available with Santoprene/EPDM or Santoprene/Viton wetted materials for a wide range of laundry chemicals. Faster more reliable injections will improve laundering results giving your chemicals more time to work in the wash cycle while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

  • Electric Diaphragm Pumps (EDP) (50, 190, 410 oz/min) (1.5, 5.6, 12.1 lit/min) are engineeered for reliable operation with a wide range of industrial and institutional laundry chemicals
  • Higher flow rates = More time in the washer
  • Long lasting EPDM or Viton diverter valves
  • Attractive, service friendly, locking pump cabinet
  • Long lasting EDP pump heads require less service than peristaltic or air operated diaphragm pumps


  • Full range of flow rates up to 410 oz/min
  • 90 formula capability
  • Low voltage controls
  • Simple programming w/ menu-driven display
  • Simple user interface w/ formula indicator
  • Automatic formula select
  • Detailed data management reports
  • Load weight entry
  • Integrated chemical flush manifold
  • Long lasting diverter valves
  • Windows compatible PC software
  • Network with other Knight dispensers
  • Centralized chemical storage
  • 115 or 230 VAC
  • Easy servicing EDP pump cabinet

Electric Diaphragm Pump flow rate options

50 oz/min (1500 ml/min)
190 oz/min (5600 ml/min)
410 oz/min (12100 ml/min)

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Chem-Trak Jr. EDP


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ChemTrak Jr w/ Electric Diaphragm Pumps
Main Controller Includes: Main Controller Cabinet, User Interface Board , Pump Output Board, SIB-5010 Signal Interface, Network Jack, Membrane Switch Panel and instruction manual.

How to order:
An effective Chem-Trak Jr. EDP account survey is necessary prior to specifying each of the components for your Chem-Trak Jr. EDP Multi-Washer installation. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for order assistance. Critical measurements of the washroom floor for a Chem-Trak Jr. EDP installation include:

1. The number and size of washers.
2. Largest and smallest dispensing volume for each chemical to be dispensed. Pump sizing and fluid path components (tubing, fittings, check valves, manifold port plugs) based on highest output and efficiency demands
3. Location of each chemical in relation to each pump. Pumps are to be directly over the source, no more than 10 ft. away.
4. Requirement for water flush of chemicals to the washer and determination of sufficient water pressure to assure consistent flush delivery.
5. Distance to PC for remote access of CT Jr w/ EDP Network
6. Select PC software package for Laptop or PC programming/reporting use
7. Proximity of water and electric utilities to system

8. Determine available washer signals and voltage required for connection to signal interface

9. Tubing and electrical run distances from base unit to injection points, power source, chemical headers. Select Panduit enclosure, hose, gear clamps, fittings, check valves and mounting hardware accordingly.

10. Type of chemical container and pump sizes determine type and size of pick up tube configuration.

11. Chemical formulations determine liquid end plastics and elastomers in pumps, valves, hose and other fluid path components. Consult Knight Tech Services for guidance

12. Preventative Maintenance Parts to keep on hand or at the plant should include: check valves, spare pumps, barb fittings, circuit boards etc.


CT Jr. Main Controller "EDP"

Choose one of the following power supply per system
7224513-01 Assembly, Power Supply 120V 50/60 Hz, 80VA High Power
7224513-02 Assembly, Power Supply 230V 50/60 Hz, 80VA High Power

Choose 1 pump station per system, Pump Station holds maximum of 8 EDP's. Select pumps from list below. (Each pump station includes the manifold)

7224504 CT Jr. EDP Pump Station (up to 8 pumps installed)

EDP .4 GPM (1.5 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (115V)

1600155-02 EDP .4 GPM (1.5 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
1600156-01 EDP .4 GPM (1.5 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (115V)
1600156-02 EDP .4 GPM (1.5 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
1600157-01 EDP 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (115V)
1600157-02 EDP 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
1600158-01 EDP 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (115V)
1600158-02 EDP 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
1600159-01 EDP 3.2 GPM (12.1 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (115V)
1600159-02 EDP 3.2 GPM (12.1 LPM) w/ EPDM w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
1600154-01 EDP 3.2 GPM (12.1 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (115V)
1600154-02 EDP 3.2 GPM (12.1 LPM) w/ Viton w/ Internal Bypass (230V)
7224506 Accessory Kit Chemtrak Jr. EDP
7655070-25 Formula Selector 25 ft.(7.6 m)
7655070 Formula Selector 100 ft. (30.5m)
7656010 ChemTrak SIB's
7655040 WinReporter Software/Hardware Package