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NEW Longer Lasting Tubing

EP PLUS 30% Longer Lasting for DETERGENTS.

BV Tube THREE TIMES longer lasting for ACIDS.

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New 2017 Dishmachine Leasing Program
Lease your Dishmachine TODAY!

Starting year 2017, you now can lease our world winning Dishmachines for little down. See how easy it works and start leasing your Dishmachine!
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New 2017 Dishmachine PROMO
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Toll Free: (800) 854-3764 or Contact your local Sales Representative.

We now have a YouTube Training Video Channel!

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MX Hospitality

Chemical Proportioning System
Knight understands the cost sensitive nature of the proportioning market, and the important part that a dispenser plays in delivering the correct amount of chemical. Knight has designed an elegantly simplistic proportioner that delivers chemical accurately and at an economical price. This compact, durable dispenser is designed with minimal number of parts, making servicing and operation simple.

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Sink Mate Hospitality

Kitchen Sink Dispenser
The Sink Mate Hospitality is designed to economically, and accurately dilute detergent and sanitizer to fill kitchen sinks. The dispenser is made with minimal number of parts and a toolless cover design, making servicing and installation simple. The compact case fits nicely into small kitchen areas and the impact resistant cover design allows the unit to with stand the wear and tear in the kitchen environment. Both the 4 GPM Flex-Gap and 4 GPM Aire-Gap dilutes chemical at the same ratio allowing you to use the same metering tip or pre-metered cap for both Flex- Gap and Aire-Gap.

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ControlGuard ACCS

Next Gen Concentration Control System
The Control Guard ACCS (Advanced Chemical Concentration System) is designed with ease of setup and use in mind. By utilizing flow meter technology, the ACCS measures high concentrations of caustic, acid, rinse water or other liquids with an extremely high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) thereby ensuring precise chemical feed control.

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UMP Hospitality

Warewash Control System
The UMP Hospitality is designed for the cost sensitive warewash account where value is needed, and reliability and performance is required. The warewash dispenser is designed with new long lasting planetary gear pumps and a new service friendly design. The modular pump module has a toolless snap off roller block for quick tube replacement. The UMP Hospitality offers liquid or dry detergent, probe or probeless, door or conveyor to cater to most warewash applications. The UMP Hospitality will simply deliver more, for less.

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OP Hospitality

Laundry Chemical Dispenser
The laundry chemical dispensing market is ever evolving with the changing cleaning demands and competitive economic requirements. Knight has designed an On-Premise chemical dispenser that meet these demands, and offers various options to adapt various configurations to fit your laundry facility needs. The OP Hospitality offers 30 formula capability, 3 to 6 pumps, and 16.9 oz/min (500 ml/min) peristaltic pumps. The modular dispenser offers a wide range of flexibility with the options for flush, formula selector, and internal or external SIB.

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On-Premise Pro Series

Laundry Chemical Dispenser
The On-Premise Pro is a versatile unit that has multiple programming options depending on the type of laundry controller that is chosen for the unit. The On-Premise Pro utilizes the same main control and pump housing for the three available models: OP Pro Relay, OP Pro, and the OP Pro Global. The On-Premise Pro uses well proven components and familiar technology in a chemical dispensing unit that is now designed to be more serviceable, interchangeable, versatile, and modular. It has never been easier to choose a dispenser that fits your needs.

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